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The post-truth era, where is the line between real and fabricated news?

Post-truth focuses on emotive arguments rather than facts. An appeal to emotion has proven to be far more effective then facts driven content. Strong opinions and influencers blur the lines between truth and untruths to the point where it’s impossible for people to differentiate the two. In a sense society is losing its grounding of reality.

A combination of the 2016 controversial political campaigns and social media lead to the creation of the “fake news” phenomenon. Post-truth appeals to emotion rather than facts and is not limited to politics. It blurs the lines between truth and reality and gathers steam through popular opinion and social media. Learn how to prevent reputational trouble in advance and turn post-truths into opportunities.

This phenomenon spreads far beyond the political realm, it’s everywhere and is negatively effecting brands, organizations and consumers. False news and rumors can effect an organizations reputation and profits. Large corporations have become targets to fake news. Victims include Coca-Cola, KFC, Disney and much more. The post-truth era has become so predominant that brands and organizations have had to take action to defend their reputation. For example, Coca-Cola have implemented a tab on their website titled “Rumors and Facts” to give consumer the real truth.

However, with every negative comes a positive. Brands and organizations can gain a vast amount of awareness as rumors and fake news can gain a lot of free media attention. If an organization handles the situation correctly, they can turn it into an opportunity.

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Setting the scene: Communication challenges in the Post-Truth era

Christophe Ginisty

Where is the line between real and fabricated news? What must we learn and how can we deal with it?


Losing Control of Your Reputation in a Post Truth World

Nicola Byrne

When fake news are generated your ability to influence perceptions and consequentially project a good reputation, are hindered


Breaking down views on Brexit with social data

Gemma Joyce

What can we learn from online conversations surrounding Brexit and the people that are discussing it?




Fakes and Astroturfing On Social Media

Nicolas Vanderbiest

What are the different "fake" techniques used by NGOs and Organisations?


The Anatomy of a Crisis – the role of media in an alternative fact world

George Candon & Marcus Pepperell

What happens to media coverage regarding organisations during a crisis? What role do social media play in amplifying the impact of a crisis?


The Museum, the Public and Alternative Facts

Donald Hyslop

What is the role of and how can culture reassert its self and its purpose in such an environment.


The impact of new media on gender balance in Middle-East and North Africa

Asmaa Guedira

Discover how social networks offer women in the Arab world an opportunity to socialize and participate in public conversations


Networking cocktail

Christophe Ginisty


/Creator and Organiser of the REPUTATIONTIME cycle of conferences

Christophe Ginisty is the founder of Agorep, a Social Media Intelligence consultancy. He is former Head of Digital for the Benelux at Ketchum and the father of the ReputationTime series of conferences.
Social media strategist, 2013 President of the International Public Relations Association (IPRA), he organized 4 editions of the conference in Paris and 2 in Riga.

Passionate by the digital revolution, he started his career by creating and developing Paris based Rumeur Publique, one of the leading PR agencies on the French market. In 2011, he joined Edelman EMEA as "European Digital Evangelist". He is a published author of an essay about the impact of Internet on the society and he founded in 2008 Internet sans Frontières, an NGO dedicated to protect freedom of speech online.

Blogger since 2004, keynote speaker at many international conferences, he regularly contributes to publications and TV shows, sharing his expertise on society's digital transformation.

Nicola Byrne



George Candon & Marcus Pepperell

FTI Consulting


Anna Oualid


/Social Media Research Director

Nicolas Vanderbiest

University Catholique de Louvain

/Researcher & PhD candidate

Fabian Ladda


/Public Policy Associate

Christophe Ginisty

ReputationTime Conference


Asmaa Guedira

/ Gender advocate, collaborative strategist and community builder

Gemma Joyce


/Social Data Journalist

Donald Hyslop

Tate Galleries London

/Regeneration and Partnerships
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