Anna Oualid

A journey in the conspiracy web

The Internet draws its fair shares of fantasies and dreams about its universality, the democratization of culture & knowledge, its accessibility…

Anna would not dream of feeding you with clichés such as “you can find everything on the web, including the worst” or “there is both good and bad on the web” And yet…

The line between universality and withdrawal is thin. Recall that the web is essentially a protesting media and that it offers forums for all disputes without exception. There are many examples: be it the far-right spheres, pro-life communities, jihadist movements or conspiracy theorists, they all find room for expression and meet their online audiences. These expressions are multi-dimensional and constantly shifting.

Anna will take you on a journey to the conspiracy web.

Anna joined OpinionWay in March 2015.

She previously worked as Consulting Director at Publicis Consultants | Net Intelligenz. The clients she collaborated with included several public institutions -such as the Bank of France and the French Ministries of Economy and Budget, and international groups like L’Oréal, AXA and Renault.

She is a graduate of the French communication school CELSA, where she earned a MSc degree in Information & Communication Sciences, specialized in political and institutional communication.

She is also administrator of the Social Media Club France and has been teaching at CELSA since 2012.

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