Nicolas Vanderbiest

Fakes and Astroturfing On Social Media

For a few years, fakes are being used by organisations to promote their products. Such strategies include false news, fake products, fake crisis. It was thus expected that NGOs and other actors would be using fakes to their disadvantage. This change is important because it means that organisations should not only consider traditional risk but also new risks which they did not foresee. Through several examples, Nicolas Vanderbiest will illustrate the different “fake” techniques used by NGOs and Organisations.

Nicolas Vanderbiest is a teaching assistant and PhD candidate at the Université Catholique de Louvain, Belgium. His thesis subject is ‘Reputation crises of organizations on social media. A systemic approach’.

He is the author of the blog Reputatio Lab, which gathers a database of more than 400 social media crises. He also analyzes crises, astrotur ng and social media phenomena for the French media Rue89 and Belgian radio station La Première (RTBF).

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