Nicola Byrne

Losing Control of Your Reputation in a Post Truth World

Your reputation is what other people think about you. What they think is not within your control. You can try to influence what they think by changing your behaviour to influence their perceptions. BUT when fake news and post truths are generated your ability to influence perceptions and consequentially project a good reputation, are hindered – sometimes to the point of no recovery. How can a business or person take back control and provide balance in an online world?

Nicola is a long standing female entrepreneur with a history in innovation. From creating businesses to selling advertising on ticket wallets and telephone boxes, moving on to create Ireland 3rd Directory Enquiry company, Nicola has innovated and created employment every step of the way. When her current business directory enquiries faced decline due to the growth of smart phones, Nicola and her team created Cloud90 which is a unique service which provides large corporates, PLC’s and semi state companies with live social media risk analysis put through Cloud90 proprietary software and then work flowed by a live agent.

Unlike software alone the human aspect gives sentiment accuracy of 99% and curates a business’s full digital footprint to be seen in one view broken out by content, allowing it to be distributed live throughout a large business. Nicola’s latest innovation has brought Cloud90 together with the world’s largest insurance company AIG, the world’s biggest PR company Edelman PR and the best defamation she could find in the British Isles Johnson Solicitors, to create RISKEYE the world’s first online reputation protection service designed for SME’s and currently being bought by everyone from micro business to large businesses. 

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