Asmaa Guedira

The impact of new media on gender balance in Middle-East and North Africa

Asmaa is a gender advocate, collaborative strategist and community builder. She is specialized in the impact of social innovation enabled by digital technology in innovative communities that emerge in societies, especially in developing countries. Asmaa grew up in Morocco and studied in France. After a brief career in consulting,  she changed life and spent the past 4 years working with entrepreneurs, artists and social change networks around the world, with a focus in Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region; writing, speaking, organizing and facilitating conferences, programs and workshops.

Asmaa now lives a digital nomad, you will find her between Berlin, Paris, Brazil, Morocco, Lebanon,Egypt and many countries in MENA. She dedicates her time exploring the links between gender, digital feminism, the new economy and creative communities, by leading the « Be 100 Ragl project » for the Womanity Foundation, being a OuiShare connector and developing her Hyper-Gender project.

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